Project Support Pin


We have designed and produced a small number of project support lapel pins.

The main image is the rusted shamrock (from the fence around the Black Rock); with the number 1847 at the top (the main year of the tragedy) and 6000+ at the bottom (the number of victims that died and were buried in the area).

We are now offering to send you one of these pins with every donation of $ 10.00 or more.

Of course with the cost of the pin, and shipping, we are not likely to make much revenue from these pins for the marketing of the green space project.

Instead the objective is for these pins to be a "conversation starter". Our hope is that if you are wearing one of these pins, other people, (friends and families etc.)  might ask you what it means. This would give you the opportunity to talk about our efforts to build a green space around the Black Rock to honour the victims; the Montrealers that went to help them; and the many citizens that adopted the orphans.
The more people that are aware and support the project the better chance it has of becoming a reality!

So, if you would like to donate $ 10.00, or more, to the project, and receive one of these pins as a "Thank You" , please click Donate



If you would prefer to donate by check, please make your check payable to:

The Montreal Irish Monument Park Foundation
c/o 523 rue Charon
Montreal, Quebec H3K 2P4

Be sure to include your full name and mailing address with the cheque to receive your lapel pin.

Visit Amazon via the banner below and the Montreal Irish Monument Park Foundation, Inc. will recieve a small percentage of your purchase to promote our project.