Social history is replete with sports.

Whether organized, informal, amateur, or professional, sports can reflect society’s values.  Ireland and Montreal are no exception.

In Ireland sports have long been a source of cultural expression and identity, dating from the time of legend and myth. In Montreal we have seen culture partially defined by our strong attachment to sports.

Irish football and hurling are the most popular team sports in Ireland today. Rugby, long popular internationally, and continuing to grow, has a strong hold in Montreal, and many clubs provide an outlet for this increasingly popular sport.

The Montreal Shamrocks Gaelic Athletic Club has been a touchstone for immigrants to Quebec since 1948, and continues to open doors for the newly arrived and new players to the Gaelic Games.

Founded in 1957, the Montreal Irish Rugby Football Club is a storied sports club with strong ties to Montreal`s Irish community. Quebec 2014 provincial champions, the MIRFC are an organization with a playing and alumni membership of 500 members, including many key members in the community.

Encompassing communication, culture, health and society, sports are universal and their importance is vital to the community. Fitness is integral to a modern, healthy lifestyle.

The envisioned multi-purpose athletic field at the memorial site will be able to host a variety of sports events including Gaelic Games, rugby, and soccer.

Children are never far from our plans and their involvement is critical to the success in this area.

With a year round facility in place covering the field in the winter for continued use, these modern facilities mean the opportunity to host tournaments social gatherings.

Amateurs will be encouraged and enticed to join one of the local clubs and get active!

Whether team sports or individual workouts; for the aged, the urban dwellers or children; organized or informal; the Park provides opportunities galore to get outside and get active.


Some Notes concerning the addition of a Irish Sports Field to the overall Cultural Green Space plan

Bullet points: Sports architectural references for plans

- Field dimensions of minimum 130 metres long and 80 metres wide

*allow 3m for runoff / sidelines / anchors for netting and posts

- Storage facility of minimum 92 square metres

*probably need more for a ‘bubble’ roof and if there are any mobile light towers

- Shower facilities (10 at a time) x 2, preferably adjoining the locker rooms

- Locker rooms x 4 (these do not have to be big, enough for up to 15 people to get changed

- Clubhouse

Point 1: Storage, showers, and locker room can be on 1st or 2nd floors of multi-floor structure

Point 2: Clubhouse can also double as a reception hall, classroom facility, etc.


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