Thanks for Walking with our group in this year's St. Patrick's Day Parade....

Just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone that walked in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in support of our project; and certainly the Parade Organizers (The UIS) for allowing us the opportunity to promote this effort.


Also would like to thank William Keating who loaned us his great Black Rock Artwork. Unfortunately the cold wind was so strong that we had to tie it down and get on the truck to hold it in place. But it did seem to attract the attention of the crowd.


We were a little disappointed that we didn’t have more people out walking with us but, of course, it was understandable given the weather that did feel like -30 degrees at some point.


The AOH & The Black Rock

On this past Saturday (March 21st 2015), the Gazette published an article about Victor Boyle and the Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH). The AOH has been the Irish custodians of the Black Rock for almost 100 years and certainly fought in court to have the Rock returned to its proper place after it was moved by the Grand Trunk Railway in 1900. Victor is also a Director of our Memorial Park project, but unfortunately in this article, there was only one small line about our project included near the end of the article. On the other hand, it is an interesting read about Victor and the AOH.


Let's Go Montreal

Let’s Build a Green Space around the Black Rock


Let’s hope that the City of Montreal starts working on this project soon. The City of Toronto where about 1100 more immigrants died (vs. about 6000 in Montreal) at the same time, and under the same circumstances, have just announced that they will be building a SECOND park to this tragedy. They recently completed one in honour of the immigrants that died; and now they are planning to build another one to the individuals that went to help them, caught the fever, and also died.


Global TV Interview about our project

Had a great day, yesterday, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. It started off with a 7am interview on Global TV about our project.  Always difficult to include everything about the project in a 5 minute discussion, but here is a link to the interview, if you are interested.


Upcoming Events in Montreal

We receive a number of notices about upcoming events that might be of interest to this group. So here are some of them including the terrific Irish Dance Competition that opens this weekend….


  1. Tomorrow night (Thursday) at 5 pm at the Irish Embassy on Bishop St., The Irish Monthly (Last Thursday of each month) Meet-up & Networking Event. Details at:

2.    The United Irish Societies (UIS) has an award dinner from the St. Patrick’s Parade, this Saturday, March 28th

Walk with our Group in the 2015 - Montreal St. Patrick's Day Parade

Walk in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade !!!

We are hoping to get a number of people to walk in the 192nd St. Patrick’s Day Parade in support of our effort to build a Cultural Green Space around the Black Rock. This year, the Parade takes place on Sunday, March 22nd.

If you think that you will be able to march with us, please send me a direct e-mail to (Actual details of where and when we will meet will be provided as soon as they are available).

Montreal St. Patrick's Day activities for 2015

March in Montreal is always “Irish Month” with a great number of activities celebrating our Irish heritage; history and connection to Montreal.

Here is just a list of just some of the many different events that are taking place this season. (You could contact the organization supporting these various events for additional details).

Please add any other events that I have not mentioned.

The Gazette Letter: Sprucing up the Black Rock site would attract tourists

By Leo Delaney, Chairman, Jeanie Johnston Educational Foundation, Montreal - July 7, 2014

Re: “An Irish memorial park at Black Rock” (Your Views, July 3)

Jason King of Dublin gives a welcoming support for a memorial park around the Black Rock. The memorial remembers famine victims, the Montrealers such as the then mayor who died caring for the sick and the several hundred thousand who passed through our city during the Famine years.

Read the full story . . .



As many of you know, on the last Sunday in May, the Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH) organizes a “Walk to the Stone” to honour and remember the more than 6000 immigrants that died and were buried around the Black Rock in 1847. And, this year, the AOH has graciously agreed to allow us to tag alone in support of building a beautiful green Cultural Park in the area. The Walk is scheduled for Sunday, May 31st 2015.

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