Ancient Order of Hibernians & Trip to Grosse Île

On our Montreal Irish Monument Park Foundation FaceBook site, a few people have been asking about a Trip to Grosse Île and thought some people on our Web Page might be also interested.

Grosse Ile was, of course the quarantine station where the ships carrying the Irish immigrants of 1847-48 were stopped for inspection. Anyone that appeared sick was removed from the boats and sent to the fever sheds on Gross Île – often dividing up families where the for example the mother was taken off leaving the father and children on the boats; or other similar combinations of removing one or both parents, or only the children etc.

How Black is the Stone

I asked a friend, Richard Murrin, of the Underground Diva’s to write a song about the Black Rock to tell the story; and to promote our effort to have the City of Montreal build a Cultural Green Space Park around the area of the Black Rock.


Press Release for the Walk to the Stone on June 14th 2015

The following is the Press Release for the Walk on June 14th, that we have sent to many media both local and National – Please feel free to copy it and send it to any of your personal media contacts

 For Immediate Release

Walk to the Stone organizers optimistic about Memorial Park initiative after meeting Mayor Coderre

For 150 years, Montreal's Irish community has joined the Ancient Order of Hibernians as they remember the more than 6,000 victims of the Great Hunger, buried in what is now an industrial zone at the foot of the Victoria Bridge.  The Walk to the Stone.

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