Mr. Justin Trudeau & Walk to the Rock

Summer is of course, at little “slow” in Montreal, so unfortunately we do not have much of an update report on the project for the Cultural Green Space. Since meeting with Mayor Coderre back in May, we have not been able to get any replies to our e-mails to his office, or to other Montreal officials, requesting information on the progress of this effort. Hopefully come September, they will be a little more responsive.

As a point of interest, when we marched with the AOH to the Black Rock back in June, we asked any number of local, provincial, and federal party leaders to join us. The majority of them did reply, with their regrets, that their agendas would not allow them to attend.

However, Mr. Justin Trudeau, (Leader of the Federal Liberal Party) also asked that, although he could not make it, would we allow his representative, Marc Miller, to read a statement on his behalf. We thought that this was nice, and did agree. We also asked Mr. Trudeau’s office if we could have a copy of his statement for our records, which we did receive recently.

So for anyone that was not at The Walk and did not hear Mr. Trudeau’s note, here is a copy….