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How Black is the Stone

I asked a friend, Richard Murrin, of the Underground Diva’s to write a song about the Black Rock to tell the story; and to promote our effort to have the City of Montreal build a Cultural Green Space Park around the area of the Black Rock.


The Gazette Letter: Sprucing up the Black Rock site would attract tourists

By Leo Delaney, Chairman, Jeanie Johnston Educational Foundation, Montreal - July 7, 2014

Re: “An Irish memorial park at Black Rock” (Your Views, July 3)

Jason King of Dublin gives a welcoming support for a memorial park around the Black Rock. The memorial remembers famine victims, the Montrealers such as the then mayor who died caring for the sick and the several hundred thousand who passed through our city during the Famine years.

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The Gazette Letter: Support from Ireland for a memorial park at the Black Rock

By Jason King, Dublin Ireland - The Gazette July 1, 2014

Re: “An Irish Memorial Park” (Opinion, June 27)

I am writing to express my support for the Montreal Irish Monument Foundation’s campaign to create a memorial park at the Black Rock in Point-St-Charles.

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The Gazette Opinion: An Irish Memorial Park at the Black Rock

By Fergus Keyes – June 27th 2014

In Montreal’s Calcutta-like hot summer of 1847, large numbers of Irish immigrants were arriving in the city. Many had ship fever (typhus) and as result, approximately 6,000 men, women and children died and were buried in the area around the Montreal side of the Victoria Bridge.

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