Board of Directors

Victor Boyle        National President - Canada - Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH)

Fergus Keyes     St. Columban - Irish Descendants

Scott Phelan       Past President - St. Patrick Society of Montreal (SPS)

Lynn Doyle          Ciné Gael Montréal & Past President SPS

Marie-Claude Durand           Hydro-Quebec

Board Observer Status

Luc Gagnon                                   City of Montreal

Over the last year(s), we have met with many individuals both within, and outside, the Irish Community seeking their input concerning the project.

We thank them all for their suggestions; comments, advice; and even constructive criticism in our efforts to make the area around the Black Rock a beautiful, inclusive green space.

The following is by no means a full list of all the individuals that have been so supportive of the effort, but they, and others, do form and been or have been part of our:

“Ad Hoc” Consultative Committee

Dr. Ray Bassett               Former Irish Ambassador to Canada

Dr. Michael Kenneally      Principal and Chair, School of Irish Studies, Concordia University

Dr. Jason King                 Historian - Irish Research Council Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Professor Pieter Sipjkes  Associate Professor (Post-Retirement) - McGill University - School of Architecture

Paul Loftus                      Past President - United Irish Societies (UIS)

Maureen Riley

Judge James Mckay (New Orleans)

Frank Rooney                 Executive member - Knights of Columbus - Montreal Council 284

Danny Doyle                   Past President - United Irish Societies (UIS)

John Mulholland

Individuals who have contributed to the project over the years but have unfortunately passed away in the last years - (their efforts are not forgotten - may they rest in peace)

Beverly Murphy

Margaret Healy

Leo Delaney

Frank McMahon

Just a few of the Montreal Irish Societies that have supported our efforts over the years:

St. Patrick Society of Montreal  -  https://spsmtl.com/

United Irish Societies  - http://unitedirishsocieties.ca/

Erin Sports -

In the last 150+ years since the terrible tragedy of 1847-8, when more that 6000+ Irish immigrants died and were buried around the “Black Rock”, a number of attempts have been made to make the whole general area a more fitting remembrance of not only for these victims, but also the Montrealers who gave their lives trying to help them; and also the families, including many French speaking families, that adopted more than 1000 Irish children that became orphans as the result of this event.

There area around the Black Rock is generally a desolate, open space and certainly not attractive to visitors arriving in Montreal via the Victoria Bridge.

However, it is indeed an area of great Historic and Cultural importance to the City of Montreal.

The plans would also include a mention of the First Nations that used the area as an important meeting and hunting site; the small community of Victoriatown (better known to Montrealers as Goose Village) that was completely destroyed in the 1960’s to make way for Expo 67; and the old Irish community of Griffintown that is currently undergoing a major transformation.

This is a true community effort, not only of Irish Montrealers, but of many other groups since the intention has always been to make this space inclusive for all Montrealers - and a Montreal space to be proud of…

The time is now – please support this effort....