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Our Plan

A Place for all

The Park Foundation undertook extensive consultations from 2017 through to 2020 with the Ville de Montreal, Hydro-Quebec, the Southwest Borough, consulting firms and other interested parties to arrive at a preliminary design for the memorial park that was unanimously accepted by all.

For more details, please look to the webinar of March 18th 2021 which is featured on this website.

The Irish Monument Park will commemorate the Irish who lost their lives in Montreal in the aftermath of the Famine. It will be a sanctuary to protect the sacred ground and the 6,000 souls who lie there and will pay tribute to the many Montrealers who came to their aid.

A place of profound significance, the park will provide a gathering place for the local Irish community, a place of pilgrimage for the global Irish diaspora and an important place to visit for those interested in this chapter of Montreal’s and Quebec’s history.

We expect to be able to fully complete the final designs and models by late 2023.

Construction on the park will begin in 2026 once the Hydro-Quebec sub-station is completed (2024) and the Ville de Montreal redirects Bridge Street and repurposes la rue des Irlandais (2025).

Project Updates

Update July 2022

The REM organization while doing an excavation for their new Montreal Light Transit system, in the area of the Back Rock hired archeologists for a particular area where the Famine Cemetery was located. These archeologists using a great deal of care and respect located...

Update May 31st 2020

A Small Project Update As most of you are aware, some months ago, during the REM excavation for the new light transit system, the remains of 14 victims from the 1847 event, were discovered. (This excavation took place in 1% or less of the total area where the main...


Academic Papers and Archives

The following academic papers and archives are related to the Famine of 1847-48 in Montreal and efforts to protect and preserve the burial ground where 6000+ typhus victims are buried:

NUI Galway Virtual Irish Famine Archive curated by Dr. Jason King.

Montreal’s Ship Fever Monument” by Dr. Colin McMahon.

Letters of Support

Media Mentions

Here's a sample of the media articles that mention The Montreal Irish Monument Park Foundation. Most articles refer to our effort to build a beautiful world-class memorial space...

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