iHeartBishop Mary Irwin-Gibson of the Anglican Diocese of Montreal and Fergus Keyes, President of the Montreal Irish Monument Park Foundation. https://www.irishcentral.com/news/black-rock-montreal-monument-foundation

Here’s a sample of the media articles that mention The Montreal Irish Monument Park Foundation. Most articles refer to our effort to build a beautiful world-class memorial space around the Black Rock.

However, some articles also mention other efforts to preserve the rich history of Irish Montreal – for example, the “Naming of the REM Station”; preserving some of the history of St. Bridget’s Home etc.

Global News

Black Rock land ‘crucial’ for memorial park, transferred to Irish community

Montreal mayor meets with Irish community to discuss making Black Rock memorial accessible

Montreal Irish community meets to discuss future plans for Black Rock site

‘Sadness, anger, mistrust’ surrounds Montreal’s proposal to name REM station after late premier

Blessing at Black Rock site honours Montreal’s Irish community

Irish history commemorated in 153rd Walk to the Black Rock

Montreal’s Irish community remembers Black ’47

Montreal Gazette

Montreal makes progress on a park to mark Irish mass grave site

‘We do want to mourn for their souls,’ Irish Montrealers say of unearthed remains near Black Rock

MLB stadium in Montreal? Consultation office pitches more consultation

Park for Montreal’s 6,000 Irish Famine victims could become a reality

Black Rock memorial park: Montreal’s Irish community feels betrayed

Montreal, refugees and the Irish famine of 1847

Irish famine exhibit celebrates courage of Montreal’s Grey Nuns

Opinion: Griffintown has a rich history

HEC Montréal complex will transform downtown area near St. Patrick’s Basilica

CBC News

Montreal one step closer to commemorating Irish mass grave site with park

Irish group says naming Griffintown REM station after Bernard Landry ignores area’s heritage

Montreal Mayor refuses to consider honoring Irish Famine dead with REM station

Dream of memorial park in Montreal to honour Irish famine victims inches closer

On the 140th anniversary of Mary Gallagher’s murder, historian appeals to city to mark Griffintown sites

CBC NewsPlan for memorial park at Montreal’s Black Rock in jeopardy

Campaign signs on ‘sacred’ Black Rock site to be removed after outcry

Montreal’s Black Rock site to get proper memorial

Irish Central

Montreal Great Hunger monument land officially transferred to Irish foundation ownership

Irish Canadians continue fight for recognition at Montreal light rail station

Why the naming of a train station in Montreal has dismayed the Irish community

Black Rock – the world’s oldest Irish Famine memorial in Montreal

Black Rock – the world’s oldest Irish Famine memorial in Montreal

Could Montreal finally be getting a commemorative park for the 6,000 Irish who died there?

Montreal’s annual march to commemorate 6,000 victims of the Great Famine

Montreal Irish fight for Famine memorial for 6,000 who died in fever sheds

Archaeologists search Montreal construction site for mass grave of Irish famine victims

“Green Season” celebrates and commemorates Irish in Montreal

Montreal’s Irish fight for memorial to the 6,000 famine immigrants who died of typhus

Bravery of the Grey Nuns of Montreal during Great Famine honored

Montreal Times

Irish community outraged over Plante’s name suggestion for Griffintown REM Station

The Irish Times

Desolate site in Canada honours Irish who died just after reaching their new world

Montreal’s Irish story gets a new chapter

What I learned tracing the steps of Irish Famine migrants

Remembering 20,000 Famine refugees who died in 1847

National Famine Walk: ‘Remember your soul and your liberty’


Anglican Church donates land for future site of Montreal memorial to Irish immigrants


Radio Canada International

Black Rock monument restoration plan in Montreal



 iHeart Radio: Old bones bring new life to Montreal’s Irish community 

Irish America

Irish Landmark in Montreal in Danger

Weekly Comment: Plans for Famine Memorial Park Derailed



Other Outlets

Catholic Register: Let the Montreal Irish story be told

The Suburban: Media Experts Comedy event raises $132,000

CKPG Today: Montreal one step closer to getting park to mark Irish mass grave site

Anglican Ink: Diocese of Montreal announces transfer of Title for the Black Rock Monument to the Montreal Irish Monument Park Foundation

Canada Today: The Anglican Church is donating land for the future site of the Montreal Memorial to Irish Immigrants

91.5 the beat: Black Rock land ‘crucial’ for memorial park, transferred to Irish community

Magic 106.1: Black Rock land ‘crucial’ for memorial park, transferred to Irish community

Journal Metro: Parc hommage: la communauté irlandaise garde espoir à la marche au Black Rock