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Update note for May 31st 2020


A Small Project Update
As most of you are aware, some months ago, during the REM excavation for the new light transit system, the remains of 14 victims from the 1847 event, were discovered. (This excavation took place in 1% or less of the total area where the main burials of the victims from 1847 took place.)
These remains were subsequently sent to a laboratory for testing purposes.
We did receive a note from REM in the last days that although the laboratory has been closed during this virus scare lockdown, that work on this project will resume as soon as possible. They also mentioned that the remains were fairly well preserved and that DNA can likely be obtained for all or most of these remains. They have also sent out requests to other various labs around the world who might be able to provide specialized information.
The hope is that the DNA will provide information such as the gender of the victim; the approximate age; the cause of death (likely typhus or malnutrition or a combination); the diet of the victims over time (likely potatoes, corn etc.); confirmation that these remains were Irish and from the 1847 event (almost for sure but still testing is required) and similar information that will help to build a profile of each victim.
In the meantime, we have also been contacted by a group of volunteer scientists and genealogist in Ireland with an offer to help to review this DNA against their databases. This could provide such information as the location in Ireland where the victims originated. This group has provided a similar investigation concerning unidentified soldiers from WW1 – (if you would like to see a great video on their work in this area, it can be viewed at: https://youtu.be/R76Ubg-b_Sc )
Advances in DNA and the information that it can yield are happening everyday. For example, new developments in forensic DNA is starting to be able to provide a fairly good image of an individual from their DNA.
This is all quite exciting especially since after more then a decade of searching we have never been able to find any record of the names etc. of the 6000+ victims that died and were buried in the area in 1847. And although 14 out of 6000+ is a small number, they could provide at least some representation of all the victims.
The plan is after all the testing etc. has been completed, these remains will be reburied near the Black Rock in the most dignified manner possible – although that is likely a couple of years down the road.
Once again, we offer our thanks to the REM organization for their extremely excellent efforts in this discovery and follow-up.
Walk to the Stone 2020

Yesterday was the last Sunday in May and the date for the Annual AOH Walk to the Stone - cancelled like so many of our Irish events in 2020.

The AOH have had a ceremony at the site of the Black Rock since 1865. It began as a private, members only ceremony with a full mass at the site. It has gone through many changes over the years, but the one constant is that the 6000+ Irish souls buried under the Black Rock and the surrounding area have not been forgotten in 173 years. It's the motivation and inspiration for the current International Famine Memorial Day, The AOH Celtic Cross that sits atop Telegraph Hill on Grosse Ile and to some degree responsible, along with the ongoing development of a proper Memorial by the Park Foundation and the Irish Community, for an awakening in Ireland of the impact of the Great Famine on the world.

On Sunday, May 31, 2020 the AOH had a simple laying of the wreath at the Black Rock along with a prayer. Joining us was the team from the Park Foundation working on the Memorial:

Fergus Keyes
Lynn Doyle
Paula Phelan (for Scott Phelan)

We felt you were all there with us.


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** IMPORTANT UPDATE ** from Victor Boyle

First, we would like to again thank the REM, their engineers, historians and archeologists, for their respect and recognition of the Irish Community in Montreal. They have invested millions in designing a span that would minimize the intrusion into the Irish Cemetery on Bridge street and have kept us up to date with every step of the process as it relates to the Black Rock area. They hosted a blessing at the site in late June of this year and have been dedicated partners to the Irish Community for months.

We received information that the REM archeologists have unearthed a dozen human remains at the site. Photos of the remains as well as some of the digging techniques are included.

Additional photos will be posted as they become available.

These remains will be sent to the REM laboratory for analysis as agreed in the protocol which was discussed with the Ministry of Culture and Communications, the City of Montreal and the Park Foundation. The remains will then be stored in special premises of the City of Montreal until the excavation is complete and reinternment is possible.

Once the analyses are completed, we will make the results known on this page and public meetings where possible.

The archeological dig will continue this week. There is no end date yet.

These findings are the most important in the history of 1847 in Montreal since the placing of the Black Rock in 1859. It proves - at long last - that the Black Rock is indeed a headstone over the cemetery of more than 6,000 Irish souls - 12 of who have just lent their long silenced voices to the need to create a world class memorial at this site!

Please take the time to invite friends to follow this page and stay up to date as this World Class Memorial becomes a reality.


THIS IS BIG, BIG, and BIG NEWS…..comment from Fergus Keyes

For more than 10 years, the Montreal Irish Monument Park Foundation has been trying to have a world class memorial park built at this site to remember the 6000+ Irish victims that died and were buried in the area. Research has always indicated that the main cemetery was in the section where the REM group has been installing their new light transit rail system.

This finding to-date of at least 12 human remains is in some ways vindication of our efforts.

When Hydro-Quebec archeologists searched the opposite side of the highway where the parking lot is currently located. They did find some artifacts but no remains. We suspected that might be the case since in that area, there was Goose Village and then the Autostat – so it is likely that at the time when that construction was going on, even if human remains were found, they could easily have been discarded.

But now, where the REM organization is working near the CN railway tracks, we knew that the area was likely "virgin” territory. No construction had taken place since about the mid 1800’s so if any remains would be found – it would be in this area.

And now it has happened.

To find at least 12 remains in the small area that REM is excavating certainly indicates that there are likely many more in the area.

We will of course update you on any new discoveries as the work continues in the area for at least another week…


Update – July 7th 2019

Upcoming Event – Saturday August 24th 2019

AOH Annual visit to Grosse Ile – to register and/or for information email to:




Recent activities:-

June 12 2019

Inter Faith religious Blessing at the Black Rock


July 1st 2019

Irish Contingent in Montreal Canada Parade


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Notice - January 12th 2019


2018 was a very positive period for the project to build a Memorial Park around the Black Rock.

Hydro Quebec & the City of Montreal (along with the “Irish Committee”) have contributed a tremendous amount of time and effort with many, many meetings in the past months to making this effort a reality.

Although we try to keep everyone informed mainly though our FB page as the effort progresses, we now believe that we have enough new information on some possible ideas and concepts, to be able to provide a more formal update to anyone that might be interested.

Of course, there is still much to do in areas like technical considerations, financing etc., before any plans are finalized, but we do think that once everyone sees the stage reached today, most people will be suitably impressed.

So a formal update is now scheduled for this coming Thursday…..

Thursday, January 17th 2019 at 7pm.

It will take place at the

St. Gabriel’s Church Hall (2157 Centre St.) in Montreal (Point St. Charles).

Please do take a moment to confirm your attendance on this FB event page….




Do also visit and join our Facebook page at:


(Often update information is posted more often and soon on the Facebook site)

Update information (January 5th 2019)

As we go into 2019, there were a number of positive developments on the project in the last months.

(As mentioned, most of these updates are noted quickly to our Facebook page).

Briefly, over the last months, we have had a number of meetings with representatives of Hydro Quebec and the City of Montreal. And, as we closed 2018, we are at a stage where there are 4 separate proposals on how the Memorial space might be developed. At this point - theses designs are basically concepts; and more details on infrastructure and financing are still to be discussed.

So we would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support on this effort and to wish all of you a very Healthy and Happy 2019....


(Important - Please note)

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However, if you would like to contact us by regular mail for information; and/or to make a donation by check, our updated Mailing Address is:

The Montreal Irish Monument Park Foundation

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Montreal, Quebec H3K 2P4



Next Montreal Irish Monument Park Foundation event - the annual AOH Walk to the Stone - scheduled for Sunday, May 27th 2018....


Update information - April 2nd 2018

Some update information.

The Montreal Irish Monument Park Foundation along with a few other representatives of the Montreal Irish Community has been meeting with Hydro Quebec and the City of Montreal over the last few months. As mentioned, Hydro purchased the land around June 2017 to build a substation on the property. Pour negotiations involve try9ing to have the substation use as small a footprint as possible on this important burial ground allow the City of Montreal to build a proper memorial space to the 6000+ Iri8sh that died and were buried there in 1847, as well as the many Montrealers that went to provide help and care to these poor and dying Irish immigrants.

The meetings have been going well and in a very co-operative manner between all the parties involved.

We will certainly inform you of any more details as they become available.


The Montreal Irish Monument Park Foundation joined a numer of St. Patrick's Parades, this 2018 season - in Montreal; Quebec Citry and in Chateauguay, 



Update - October 14th 2017

On Tuesday, October 10, 2017, Hydro started digging a series of holes at the site, each perhaps about 2” around; and maybe 8-10’ deep. This action is, of course, a requirement by law to check for soil contamination before new construction. Earth is removed and then sent to a lab for testing.
So Victor Boyle, in his capacity as Canadian President of the AOH, (Victor is also a Director of the project) organized to have Father McCory present as this work started.

(As many of you know, Father McCory is a Montreal Irish Catholic Priest assigned to St. Gabriel’s Parish in the Point).

As the majority of the 6000 victims buried in the area in 1847 were both Irish and Catholic, the Good Father took a moment to bless the space, as well as the workers on the site; and their task.
We certainly have to take a moment to mention that the company doing these tests seems to be called GHD – likely a contractor for Hydro - and the guys working were absolutely terrific. Couldn’t have possibly asked for more co-operation. They shut down their machinery so Father could give his blessing and mentioned that in all the years that they have done this work, they had never been blessed before and seemed pleased with the small ceremony.

So thanks to Father McCory, Victor Boyle and the workers on the site – it just seemed like the right thing to do as they drill into the ground. We don’t really suspect that any sign of the victims will be uncovered, but with 6000 buried there; and the haphazard fashion that the burials were conducted – particularly in the late fall of 1847 - one never knows.





The Walk to the Stone is exactly 2 weeks away…

Scheduled for Sunday, May 28th 2017

We will likely drive you crazy with reminders of this event. Simply because this is an important year for having various levels of government take some serious step in building a beautiful green space around the Black Rock. The effort has been going on for at least 5 years (much long if you consider that Irish Montreal asked for a similar memorial space as far back as 1907).

This is a crucial years since we hear rumours that the space will be developed with at the most very minimum consideration to remembering the terrible events of 1847 that affected not only Irish Montrealers but indeed all Montrealers; Quebec Citizens; and Canadians.

As strong attendance at the Walk to the Stone might remind our bureaucrats and elected officials that we demand that this extremely sacred; historical, and cultural space be reserved for a green space memorial.

On average, there is usually about 200 people that attend this Walk, but this year, we are hoping that with your help; and with your friends and family in attendance that we will be able to greatly increase participation this year.

And, of course, one does not have to have any Irish descent at all to appreciate the significance of this space.




New Notes - April 2017

This is our new project “tag line” – please use it whenever you discuss the effort; or wherever you feel it is appropriate….

In English….


In French….


New Notes - March 2017

At a recent meeting with some members of the Montreal Irish Community about the project, there was a suggestion that we make a poster for the project.

So designed by Victor Boyle; and including some of the project development ideas from the architectural students at McGill University, we have now printed some posters.

Since they are high quality (the image might not do it justice); and therefore high cost, with our very limited budget, to-date, we have only been able to print 10 of these posters.

We are hoping to display them at various locations and events which they might get high exposure.

So if any of you have a suggestion on where these posters should be displayed, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Download a printable version of the poster in PDF format.


We were also at the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Montreal on March 19th 2017....





NEW NOTE - December 15th 2016

Documentary Release

As some of you may remember, at the same time that Michael Collins was running his great marathon from Grosse Ile to Toronto; we mentioned that a gentleman by the name of Kevin Moynihan, a former Montrealer and a Canadian Documentary film producer was working on a new Doc about Black ’47.

He has now completed his excellent work, and although there might be an official opening for his documentary in the future, he has given The Montreal Irish Monument Park Foundation permission to provide you all with a link on YouTube where he has posted it.

His documentary is called THE FAMINE IRISH and runs about 47 minutes.

Kevin mentioned that he would really like your comments / feedback about his production which can be posted here; or, on in the comments section of YouTube.

He includes highlights about our project; our Grey Nun’s exhibition and other details – many are extremely interesting and I learned a few things from his production.

So please do take the time to watch it; comment on it and share it...



NEW NOTE - November 23rd 2016

We have now set up a separate page on our main web site where anyone interested can make a $ 10.00 (or more) donation to help market our green space around the Black Rock effort - and - we will send our very new lapel pin as a “Thank You” for your donation.

Click on the follwing link for more information...


NEW NOTES - October 11th 2016 Note 

The Montreal Irish Monument Park

Thanks to the following organizations for their support

this has helped us to present the exhibition





Embassy of Ireland - Ottawa -

Department of Foreign Affairs


The Ancient Order of Hibernians Canada (AOH)


The Irish Embassy Bar & Grill - Montreal




We are very pleased to note that the Grey Nuns exhibition called “Saving the Famine Irish: The Grey Nuns and the Great Hunger” is now open for viewing at the Grey Nun’s Motherhouse at 138 rue Saint Pierre in Old Montreal. Currently the exhibition can be visited any day between about 10am and 4pm – but an effort is being made to extend, or offer a few evening hours.

Even if you saw this exhibit during the few weeks that we had it at the Centaur Theatre, you might want to visit it again. Just the building itself dating back from the 1600”s is beautiful, and our exhibit is only a very small part of their permanent Grey Nuns museum – which, on its own, is fascinating.

The “Saving the Famine Irish: The Grey Nuns and the Great Hunger” will be on display until the end of November – and is running at the same time as one that is on display in Dublin, Ireland – “Grey Nuns Famine Exhibit at Glasnevin Museum in Dublin”. It involves very similar items as will be found at the Dublin one, with the exception that here in Montreal, the display is bilingual; and also includes some terrific paintings about the event by a local artist, Karen Bridgenaw - which were not available when we had it at the Centaur.

If you plan to attend with a small group, you might want to contact the Grey Nuns at (514) 842-9411 – and they may be able to arrange for a guide to give you a proper tour on their museum.

So if you happen to be in Old Montreal, do take this opportunity to visit this beautiful building and great exhibition.

We will update you with any additional information concerning extended hours etc., as it becomes available.

(BTW – St. Pierre St. – This Street starts off as Park Avenue at the north end; then switches names to Bleury St. in downtown; and again switches names to Saint Pierre St. in Old Montreal)



NEW NOTES - JUNE 12th 2016 Note No. 1

You can follow the progress of Michael Collin’s run by liking his page at: https://www.facebook.com/irishdiasporarun2016/


As mentioned Michael Collins is running from Grosse Ile to Toronto to raise awareness of the tragic events of the Irish immigrants in 1847, as well as, to raise some funds for various Irish Monument efforts including our Montreal Irish Monument Park Foundation efforts to build a beautiful cultural green space around the Black Rock.

He is scheduled to arrive at the Black Rock, this coming Friday, June 17th 2016 at noon – and everyone else, is welcomed to meet him there and welcome him to Montreal.

We had the opportunity to meet Michael in Quebec City this past Thursday, June 9th, and then to accompany him to Grosse Ile, yesterday, Friday, June 10th to see him off on the start of his run.
James Donovan & Joseph Lonergan were representing the Irish Community of Quebec City; and gave Michael a great tour of Quebec City on Thursday highlighting especially all the Irish points of interest relating to the city.

Then on Friday, we went to Grosse Ile where Parks Canada did such a terrific job of showing Michael around the Quarantine Station where more than 5000 Irish immigrants died and were buried mostly in the summer of 1847.

And then after this visit to Grosse Ile, Michael set off from Berthier sur Mer, where the ferry from Grosse Ile docks, on his long running journey to Toronto.

There was also an article (in French) written in the Soleil Newspaper on Friday about Michael and his run…



(You can also see various photos and a note about the Quebec City / Grosse Ile part of his run on our Park Foundation Facebook page at:

https://www.facebook.com/groups/Blackrockmemorial/ )


NEW NOTES - JUNE 12th 2016 Note No. 2



There is a group of “lady painters” in The Point that call themselves The Group of Sven. Most Sundays during the year they get together to paint and chat. And, then once a year, they hold a Vernissage to display and sell their paintings for the benefit of the Point St. Charles Community Theatre, and our free Youth Theatre program. This year, their Vernissage takes place on Saturday, June 18th from 4pm until 6pm.

A special highlight of this year’s Vernissage is this…

There are very, very few paintings or artistic images from the Montreal event when the Irish immigrants arrived in Montreal, in 1847. More than 6000 of these immigrants died and were buried around the Black Rock on the Montreal side of the Victoria Bridge. The Montreal Irish Monument Park Foundation has the objective of getting various levels of government to build a beautiful cultural green space around the Black Rock. Details about our efforts can be found on our Facebook page at:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/Blackrockmemorial/

So we asked the Group of Sven if they would consider painting some of their concepts of the Black Rock. Many of them did, and these painting of the Black Rock will be displayed and on sale at the Vernissage on Saturday.

However, Karen Birdgenaw (one of the group; and a terrific painter) went one step further. We told her about some of the stories from Montreal’s Black 47, and she, in turn, took 3 of these stories and produced 3 paintings. One is about the Grey Nun carrying a sick and dying Irish child; the second is about the fact that there are bodies buried under the Black Rock; and the third is about the Catholic priests who performed the very dangerous task of leaning close to the mouths of these victims to hear their confessions.

All three of her paintings are very, very powerful. And, we plan to add these paintings to our Grey Nuns exhibition – since they really convey the ideas, but we doubt that anyone would want to buy them; and hang them on their living room wall.

So if you are available this Saturday, June 18th between 4 and 6pm, do drop by the Vernissage at the Old Bank, at 1900 Wellington St. in The Point and see their great work (of course, not all the images are of the Black Rock, or related to our project).


NEW NOTES – JUNE 1st 2016

  1. Reserve soon to join the AOH in their Annual Visit to Grosse Ile; For full details and reservation information, visit the AOH web site at: http://www.aoh-montreal.com/node/13


  1. We are pleased that The Montreal Gazette newspaper, today, June 1st 2016, came out in support of our project in their daily editorial that can viewed at: http://montrealgazette.com/opinion/editorials/editorial-forget-granite-stumps-what-about-the-black-rock


  1. The Walk to the Rock on Sunday, May 29th was a great success. You can see some videos of this event by visiting www.thepoint.ca and if not on the opening page when you visit, just click on the page’s YouTube site at the top of the opening page.


  1. Michael Collins, an award winning author, and long distance runner, will be leaving Grosse Ile on June 10th to run to the Irish Park in Toronto. He will stop at the Black Rock in Montreal at noon on Friday, June 17th. Everyone is invited to come out an welcome him to Montreal. Details about his effort can be found at: http://www.michaelcollinswriter.com/



NEW NOTE - MAY 26th 2016

A quick update on our progress to build a beautiful green space around the Black Rock.

As reported before, we did meet with Mayor Coderre almost exactly a year ago, in May 2015, at which point he informed us that he does support the effort. Then we discovered in December 2015 that the actual land is owned by the Federal Government.

So we are pleased that we will have another opportunity to meet with our Mayor tomorrow, May 27th 2016, to discuss the effort in general.

We have also arranged for an appointment in very early June with Old Port of Montreal, who, along with a federal agency called Canada Lands Company, actually own the property.

So this note is just to let you all know that there is progress on the effort and we will report back about our meeting with the Mayor on Sunday, May 29th at the Walk to the Stone; and will post any other information on this site shortly.

Thank you all for your support – and hope to see you all at the Walk to the Stone on Sunday.


NEW NOTE - MAY 4 2016

Mark your calendars for this year’s annual “Walk to the Stone”

For 150 years or so, the Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH) have led a walk to the site of the Black Rock (just on the Montreal side of the Victoria Bridge) - in memory of the 6000+ Irish immigrants that died and were buried in the area in 1847-8.

This event takes place on the last Sunday in May and this year it will be on

SUNDAY, MAY 29th 2016.

The March begins from St. Gabriel’s Church on Centre St. in Point St. Charles and starts after a Mass that normally takes place at 10:30 or 11pm (we will confirm the time of the Mass in the next days).

Once again the AOH has invited our group – The Montreal Irish Monument Foundation to join them in the March and remind everyone of our objective to build a beautiful green space in the area of the Black Rock.

(There is usually a bus available for anyone with mobility problems that may have difficulty walking from St. Gabriel’s to the Rock)

Hope all of you will be able to attend this event and as mentioned we will provide any updated information in the next weeks.


NEW NOTE - APRIL 13th 2016

Our Grey Nuns Exhibition opened at the Centaur Theatre on Monday, April 11 2016, with great success. And we did receive some great Media coverage. Here are a few of the links to the interviews etc.

The Montreal Gazette Newspaper:


Victor Boyle, and Fergus Keyes, in an interview on Global TV.


Radio Canada International (Lynn Desjardins) speaks with Professor Christine Kinealy about the Grey Nuns Exhibition that the Montreal Irish Monument Park Foundation has now moved to Montreal






As mentioned some time ago, Quinnipiac University in Connecticut opened their Grey Nun’s Exhibition on March 17th 2015, closing it a year later on St. Patrick’s Day, 2016. This exhibition highlights the efforts of the Grey Nuns to provide help and comfort to the poor Irish Immigrants at Montreal in 1847. The curators were Professor Christine Kinealy, (Ireland’s Great Hunger Institute) and Dr. Jason King, (National University of Ireland, Galway).

We are now pleased to announce that Quinnipiac University have transferred various items in this exhibition to The Montreal Irish Monument Park Foundation.

Our hope is to display this exhibition, over the next year, at various locations in Montreal, and perhaps other parts of Quebec.

We plan to open it first, for only a few weeks, at The Centaur Theatre from Tuesday, April  5th until Sunday, April 17th 2016. Unfortunately due to space, and time constraints, we will only be showing a portion of the overall exhibit at The Centaur. Once we close at the Centaur, we are looking for other public spaces where we can show more of the exhibition, and certainly would be pleased to accept your suggestions.

However, the portion at the Centaur will still provide a good overall view of the event, and thanks to both The Centaur, and our sponsor, The Irish Embassy Pub, (1234 Bishop Street), you will be able to view this portion of the Exhibit for free at the Centaur.

Located in Old Montreal at:

The Centaur Theatre Company,

453 St. François Xavier,

Montréal Québec, H2Y 2T1

So on any day between April 5th and April 17th (with the exception of Monday April 11th when the exhibit will be closed), you are invited to visit the Centaur between 11am and 8pm and take a look.



Should you have any questions, or have a suggestion on public space location, where we might display the Exhibition over the next year, please do post, and/or e-mail me directly to info@ferguskeyes.com




I know that we have asked all of you to submit e-mails to our Mayor Denis Coderre; -http://ville.montreal.qc.ca/portal/page?_pageid=5977,42999685&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL 

and our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau - justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca

about our project - and please continue to do that.......

However, as mentioned in the past, and now confirmed, all of the property needed for this beautiful green space is currently owned by the Federal agency called “Old Port Montreal”.

This organization is currently asking for comments on planning for the area. We think that it is very, very important that everyone on this site take a moment to register; and then submit a comment for this consultation highlighting the need to preserve this area for a Memorial Space.

So please do take a moment over this long weekend to forward your comments to this consultative process and share this post. 

You can register and then send your comment at the following location:




Great representation for the Montreal Irish Mounment Park Foundation in the 2016 Montreal St. Patrick's Day Parade (March 20th 2016)






As we start 2016, members of our group continue to speak with all levels of Government – Municipal (City of Montreal), Provincial (Quebec), and Federal (Canada) in an effort to build a beautiful Cultural Green Space on the site of Montreal's Famine Cemetery. Designed as a permanent installation, the memorial park will be dedicated to the memory of the 6000+ men, women and children buried in the area, as well as some Montrealers who tried to provide care and comfort, caught Typhus, and died themselves.

We hope that we will soon have some level of commitment to create this space.


Note from Mr. Justin Trudeau added to Media & Blog Page (August 14th 2015 added)

View some video clips from our recent Walk to the Stone at:


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In the hot Calcutta like summer of 1847, a number of Irish immigrants arrived in the city. Many had ship’s fever (typhus) and as result approximately 6,000 men, women and children died and were buried in the area of the Montreal side of the Victoria Bridge. In effect, everyone using the Victoria Bridge is driving over a cemetery. Currently the only monument to this tragic event is “The Black Rock” that sits by itself while cars zoom by on both sides.

During the annual “Walk to the Rock” this year (2014), an announcement was made that a new group called the Montreal Irish Memorial Park Foundation had been formed with the objective of having all levels of Government support the building of a large Cultural Green Space in the immediate area. At the moment the area is rather desolate and most of the property appears to be owned by the City of Montreal and/or the Federal Government.

The concept of this effort would be to honour these 6,000 Irish immigrants that died on the spot; to also honour the many French speaking Quebec families who adopted, and gave homes, to the almost 1,000 children who were orphaned by this tragedy; and to honour the many Montrealers who went to aid these poor immigrants and caught the fever and died, including John Mills, who was Mayor of Montreal at the time.

This general area also appears to have been an important meeting place for Aboriginal groups prior to the arrival of Europeans.

On a practical level a properly designed cultural park, with sports facilities, would provide green space in the rapidly developing Griffintown area; make a much nicer entry to the City of Montreal; could perhaps be a tourist attraction for the millions of Irish in North America whose ancestors arrived and survived that 1847 Montreal summer.

It would seem that the City and Federal Governments would like to designate this whole area for light industry and/or housing.

Since the area is currently wide open with a great deal of space taken up by a seldom used City parking lot left over from the time when in the 1960’s when the City of Montreal destroyed the entire residential section known generally as “Goose Village”, to design and build this large cultural green space would not seem to be a difficult or even an expensive project. It would not require any demolition; the City of Montreal seems to have some surplus funds available for green space development; and apparently a part of the condition of building permits for the Griffintown developers was that they set aside some funding for green space in the district. Some individuals; Irish groups; and others have already indicated that they would be willing to donate some funds to the building of this community imitative. 

This could certainly be a big; beautiful and positive project for Montreal. And, if planning for this cultural green space/park were to start soon, at least the basic green space could likely be ready for  2017 – the 375th anniversary of Montreal; and 150th anniversary of Canada.



Visit Amazon via the banner below and the Montreal Irish Memorial Park Foundation, Inc. will recieve a small percentage of your purchase to promote our project.